S8RL/4P UV Lamp

S8RL/4P UV Lamp
Replacement lamp for old style 8 & 12 gpm units. Please note this lamp comes with the standard 4 pins. This lamp is 843mm long and 40 watts so it can be used in many different UV makes including Steriflo, Water Guard, AquaPro, Radfire whole house UV systems and as a substitute for part number GPH840N/S
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This Genuine Sterilight 4 pin UV lamp (made in Canada) can also be used in some Steriflo UV systems as a substitute part for the following models.

UV SF800 SF800S Steriflo lamp part EGPH840N/S GPH840N/S

UV SF900 SF900S Steriflo lamp part EGPH840N/S GPH840N/S

UV SF940 SF940S Steriflo lamp part EGPH840N/S GPH840N/S

This lamp will last for 9000 hours



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