Water Filter Media

  • GAC Coconut Shell Carbon
    Coconut Shell Carbon for Chlorine reduction systems. This media is always dusty and needs soaking fo...
    AU$ 389.00 Per 25 KG Bag
  • PH Increase Media
    PH Increase Neutralizing Media. NSF Certified and mined in the USA. The main advantage is that Calci...
    AU$ 148.00 22 KG bag
  • Filox Iron Reduction Media
    Filox is a NSF Certified media for Iron Manganese and Sulphur reduction. We have these units still w...
    AU$ 399.74 27.2 KG Bag
  • Water Softener Resin

    CG8 Water Softener Resin Made by Resintech USA. This is the best quality softener resin we have u...

    AU$ 294.00 25 Litre Bag
    Temporarily out of stock
  • Deionizing Resin
    This top quality Deionizing Resin is made in the USA by Resintech with a product code of MBD-16-SC. ...
    AU$ 628.00