Whole House Water Filter Systems

Whole of House Filter systems for Town Supply Water that is microbiologically safe.

For Whole of House Treating Rural Tank Water we use Sediment Filters and Ultraviolet to eliminate nasty bugs. Clicking this link will take you to our Bug Buster UV systems

Removing Chlorine, Taste and Odour by Filtering the water as it enters your house gives cleaner, healthier water to all your taps, showers and garden.

We have some Twin Filter kits of our most popular systems with Sediment and Carbon Block Filters, the CTO for Chlorine Taste and Odour and the Matrikx Pb1® for the added benefit of lead and heavy metal reduction.

It is good practice to have a Sediment Pre-Filter of finer micron rating to help prolong the Carbon Filter life but you can just use a Carbon Filter if you wish in a Single Housing.

20 inch standard, produce up to 30 litres per minute flow, suitable for a one bathroom home.

10 inch Big, produce up to 70 litres per minute flow, suitable for a 1-2 bathroom home.

20 inch Big for full flow of up to 110 litres per minute flow, suitable for a 2-4 bathroom home.