Whole House 10 inch Big Blue / Jumbo KDF-GAC Kit with 1 Micron Prefilter

Whole House 10 inch Big Blue / Jumbo KDF-GAC Kit with 1 Micron Prefilter
* Twin 10 inch Heavy Duty WaterMark Approved Alpine Pure Big Blue / Jumbo filter housings with a KDF-GAC Carbon Filter and a 1 micron Polyspun Alpine Pure Gradient Density pre-filter.

* KDF is known to kill algae and fungi, control bacteria growth inside the cartridge, and remove chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, rust, unpleasant taste and odour, hydrogen sulfide, iron, lead, nickel, chromium, cadmium, calcium, aluminium, mercury, arsenic, and other organic compounds.

* KDF water filtration media is a high-purity alloy of both copper and zinc and when used along with Granulated Activated Carbon which is good at reducing organic pollutants, algae, odours and bad taste a very effective filter is created.

* The Sediment Pre-Filter is used to remove suspended solids, sediment and particles from the water and works like a sieve to remove particles that are larger than the spaces in the filter.

* Max Pressure: 90 psi and are suitable for town or rural use but when used on town supply should always have a pressure limiting valve installed before the housings to protect them.

* 50 LPM flow rate.

* 100% Polypropylene Housings and heads with WaterMark Certificate of Conformity, made with materials complying with NSF/ANSI Standard 42.

* 5 Year Housing Structural Warranty.

* Note: Small particles of carbon called carbon "fines" are present in a new GAC-KDF filter and should be generously flushed when first installed to wash away the carbon fines.

Kit includes:
* 1 x 10 inch Big GAC-KDF Cartridge
* 1 x 10 inch Big Polyspun Gradient Density Pre-Filter. (1 micron)
* Two 10 inch Big/Jumbo Water Filter Housings with 20mm or 25mm BSP Ports
* Double Stainless Steel bracket
* Housing spanner
* SS housing screws
* Housing joiner.

Note: Filter Housings can be supplied with 20mm BSP ports as an option at no extra cost. Click the size option below to choose port size.
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AU$ 375.80 including GST
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