Whole House 20 inch Big Blue / Jumbo PB1 Kit with 1 Micron Prefilter

Whole House 20 inch Big Blue / Jumbo PB1 Kit with 1 Micron Prefilter

* The Ultimate Whole House Filter package.

* Twin 20 inch Heavy Duty WaterMark Approved Alpine Pure Big Blue / Jumbo filter housings with a Matrikx Pb1® 0.5 micron Carbon Block Filter and a 1 micron Polyspun Alpine Pure Gradient Density pre-filter.

* MATRIKX Pb1® filters meet NSF/ANSI Standard 53, Turbidity and Cyst Reduction, including Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba and Toxoplasma and is rated for Heavy Metals.

* This carbon block cartridge would be the best cartridge available.

* Outstanding Chlorine, Taste and Odour Reduction as well as PFAS, chloramine and VOC reduction, will give perfect tasting chemical free water in every tap and shower in your home.

* The Sediment Pre-Filter is used to remove suspended solids, sediment and particles from the water and protects the more expensive Matrikx Pb1® from premature blocking from sediment.

* Max Pressure: 90 psi and are suitable for town or rural use but when used on town supply should always have a pressure limiting valve installed before the housings to protect them.

* 60 LPM flow rate.

* 100% Polypropylene Housings and heads with WaterMark Certificate of Conformity, made with materials complying with NSF/ANSI Standard 42.

* 5 Year Housing Structural Warranty.

Kit includes:
* 1 x 20 inch Big MATRIKX Pb1® Carbon Block Cartridge.
* 1 x 20 inch Big Polyspun Gradient Density Pre-Filter. (1 micron)
* Two 20 inch Big/Jumbo Water Filter Housings with 20mm or 25mm BSP Ports
* Double Stainless Steel bracket
* Housing spanner
* SS housing screws
* Housing joiner.

Note: Filter Housings can be supplied with 20mm BSP ports as an option at no extra cost. Click the size option below to choose port size.

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AU$ 533.40 including GST
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Read MATRIKX PB1 Performance & Data Sheet Here

Do Not allow Filter Housing to Freeze.

Always Use a Pressure Limiting Valve if Pressure over 90 psi.

Always Use a Water Hammer Arrestor if Water Hammer is Present.

Do Not Overtighten.

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