Viqua H₂O UV1 Under Sink UV Steriliser System with Filters

Viqua H₂O UV1 Under Sink UV Steriliser System with Filters
Absolute H₂O Ultraviolet system made by Viqua, Canada.

Viqua is the worlds largest UV manufacturer, commonly known in Australia by the Sterilight and Trojan brand names.

* Completely assembled system.

* 10 inch Standard size, 100% Polypropylene housings made with NSF Approved materials and a 5 Year structural warranty.

* 1 x 1micron Alpine Pure Gradient Density Polyspun pre-filter, NSF Approved.

* 1 x Granulated Activated Carbon final cartridge for taste and odor reduction, NSF Approved.

* 15mm BSP ports on UV.

* Regency Ceramic Disc Faucet.

* 15mm water take off fitting and ¼ inch Polyethylene Tube, NSF Approved.

* 240 volt Australian power plug without the 365 day countdown.

* The UV1 unit has a 4 LPM flow rate making it perfect for installation underbench or undersink to provide a bacteria safe water source.

* This system is available as 12 volt DC for Boats, Solar and Mobile Homes for an extra $110.
AU$ 399.90
AU$ 320.00 including GST
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Do Not Position the Absolute H2O UV unit where it could become Frozen.

Do Not Allow Water Hammer or Pressure over 90 PSI.

Do Not Wet The Lamp. 

Always Place under a suitable weather cover if used outdoors.

Always Use a Water Proof External Power Supply Outlet if used outdoors.

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