Clear 10 inch Standard Housing, ½ inch Ports

Clear 10 inch Standard Housing, ½ inch Ports
Clear 10 inch standard filter housing with ½"(15mm) ports.

* These Clear 10 inch standard size Alpine Pure filter housings are commonly used for under bench inline systems fitted prior to the kitchen faucet on the cold water. The ½" (15mm) ports are the same size as most common household plumbing fittings.

* 100% Polypropylene Cap and the housing is made of clear Acrylonitrile Styrene (AS) for viewing of flow and cartridge condition. Acrylonitrile Styrene has Good Weather Resistance and High Strength.

* 5 Year Structural Warranty.

* Center Watertight O-Ring.

* Max Pressure: 120 psi.

* Includes:

Clear 10 inch Standard Filter Housing.

Stainless Steel bracket.

Stainless steel screws.

Housing Removal Spanner.

***Please Note: This Filter Housing does not include a filter cartridge.

These clear housings are not recommended to be situated in any sunlight as green Algae will grow inside the housing.

All 10 inch X 2-½ inch Standard Size
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FH 10-12 CLEAR
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Do Not allow Filter Housing to Freeze.

Always Use a Pressure Limiting Valve if Pressure over 120 psi.

Always Use a Water Hammer Arrestor if Water Hammer is Present.

Do Not Overtighten.