The Bug Buster Pro Series Ruby UV4 Service Kit

The Bug Buster Pro Series Ruby UV4 Service Kit
* Viqua S330RL 16 watt lamp with 4 staggered pins suits all Sterilight powered Viqua S2Q-PA and the UV4 systems.

* 2 x 10 inch x 4-½ inch Alpine Pure Gradient Density prefilters. The 20 micron cartridge is first followed by the 1 micron second.

* When doing the yearly service please remember to remove and clean the Quartz tube to enable the UV lamp to penetrate through the Quartz Tube to sterilize the water.

* For users of a countdown ballast, to reset the ballast, replace the lamp but do not turn the power supply on, press the small black button on the end of the ballast and hold in while you turn on the power. Keep holding button in for up to 20 seconds until RESET shows on the LED screen then 365 will show when the button is released.
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AU$ 187.00 including GST
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