Fluoride Reduction Cartridge

Fluoride Reduction Cartridge
This synthetic Activated Alumina media is Resintech SIR 900 HP Media Made in the USA. Most importantly its NSF Certified. This filter will remove more than 98% of Fluoride and 90% Arsenic. This cartridge must be followed by a second 0.5 micron carbon block as a Fluoride cartridge may leave a taste in the water that must be removed by a good quality carbon block filter. We recommend the 10 inch Std size MATRIKX Pb1® KX industries cartridge also NSF Certified and made in the USA as the best quality available.
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This AAL cartridge will not be able to handle more than a 2 liter per minute flow rate so it is only suitable for a benchtop or underbench water filter system and not the whole flow to a kitchen faucet.

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