Aptera Alkamag Alkaline Inline Water Filter

Aptera Alkamag Alkaline Inline Water Filter
* This true Alkaline filter offers premium filtration medias that emit Far Infrared Rays, increases pH, and gives your water a refreshing mineral flavour.

* Flow rates, water temperature, water quality, and many other variables will determine the actual performance and capacity of this filter.

* Longer contact times (slower flow rates) will increase the filter’s ability to alter the water and will also lessen the filter’s overall capacity.

* Only to be used as an RO Post filter just prior to the tank. Cannot be used as a stand alone filter.

Refer to the PDF Data Sheet below for more information.
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Remin Aptera
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* Increases pH

* Lowers ORP

* 1 to 1.9 LPM Flow Rate

* Flow Rate will determine Remineralization and pH level

* Maximum Pressure: 80 PSI

* Maximum Temperature: 32º C

* For use as a Reverse Osmosis Postfilter

* 1/4" FPT (female threads) on both ends

Aptera Alkamag Alkaline PDF Data Sheet 

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