Omnipure ELF ALL ABA 2000 FL

Omnipure ELF ALL ABA 2000 FL

* Omnipure ELF Made in USA.

* ABA 2000FL™ is a new and improved high yield activated aluminum oxide specially formulated for the removal of fluoride and arsenic from drinking water.

* Contains only aluminum oxide for the reduction of fluoride & arsenic and will not remove chlorine taste and odour. Should be followed by a Carbon Block or GAC Water filter for taste and odour reduction.

* This Omnipure ELF (Extra-Large Format) is a bayonet style quick release replacement cartridge that can be changed without tools.


Normally $138.50 - Current Special Price $59.50

AU$ 59.50 including GST
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This Omnipure ELF-Series water filter is a replacement filter cartridge only and must be used with an existing ELF-Series head. If you do not have a head unit then you will need to purchase one to make the system complete.

The head unit is listed here: Omnipure ELF-series Head listing link

Omnipure ELF ALL ABA 2000 FL Water Filter Specs:

* Capacity: Approx. 2000 LTRS Fluoride Reduction

* Flow Rate: 3.8 LPM

* Maximum Pressure: 125 PSI

* Temperature: 2-38˚c

Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection.

Omnipure ELF ALL ABA 200 FL PDF Data Sheet

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