Viqua UV4 Small House UV Steriliser System with Filters

Viqua UV4 Small House UV Steriliser System with Filters
Viqua VT4 Ultraviolet system made by Viqua, Canada.

Viqua is the worlds largest UV manufacturer, commonly known in Australia by the Sterilight and Trojan brand names.

* Completely assembled system.

* Twin 10 inch Heavy Duty WaterMark Approved Alpine Pure Big Blue filter housings made with materials complying with NSF/ANSI Standard 42, and carrying a 5 year structural warranty

* 1 x 20µ and 1 x 1µ, Alpine Pure Gradient Density Polyspun pre-filters, complying with NSF/ANSI Standard 42.

* 20mm BSP female inlet port to housing and a 15mm male exit port from UV.

* 240 volt Australian power plug, optionally with the 365 day countdown.

* This system is available as 12 volt DC for Boats, Solar and Mobile Homes for an extra $110.

* Suitable for a smaller home or anywhere safe drinking water is required. The UV4 unit has a 24 LPM Max flow rate enough for 2 taps running at once.
AU$ 849.90
AU$ 630.00 including GST
UV4 2X10BB
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Click Here for UV4 2X10BB replacement parts service kit.

Do Not Position the UV unit where it could become Frozen.

Do Not Allow Water Hammer or Pressure over 90 PSI.

Do Not Wet The Lamp. 

Always Place under a suitable weather cover if used outdoors.

Always Use a Water Proof External Power Supply Outlet if used outdoors.

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