Water Filter Inline to Kitchen Faucet CR 1

Water Filter Inline to Kitchen Faucet CR 1
* 10 inch Standard size, WaterMark Approved Alpine Pure Filter Housing.

* In line filter fitted to the cold side of your kitchen faucet.

* Is used when a separate filter tap is not wanted.

* Supplied with a MATRIKX CR1® 0.5 micron Carbon Block filter for for Giardia/Cysts Chlorine Taste and Odor.

* 100% Polypropylene Housing and Head, NSF Approved materials and carries the WaterMark Certificate of Conformity.

* 5 Year structural warranty.

* 15mm x 600mm Flexi pipe, Housing Spanner, 15mm BSP Nipples, Bracket and Screws

* Center Watertight O-Ring.

* DO NOT Overtighten housing to head.

* Only suitable with through bench faucets that have the water supply coming through the inside of the cabinet.

* We recommend a pressure limiting valve be installed before the housing.

Housing is suitable for all 10 inch standard filter cartridges.
AU$ 189.90
AU$ 119.00 including GST
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